Description Edit

Kate- the member of the group. She has got a pelt pale brown color with white ears and nuzzle, pale blue eyes, not long tail and fluffy fur. Also she has got a dark-brown hair with two ponytails.

Personality Edit

She's normal and calm. When Tanya jokes, become crazya and funny. Member of a sing club. Spends more time with Alessia. Doesn't like to laugh, but like to smile. She likes to sitting still. She's also very artistic. She's singing from 10 years, and in 29th of May, she will have been singing for 3 years. She hadn't stopped singing, and then she got a talent: Eternaly Voice.

Kate's qoutes Edit

  • "You jokes very cool...eeh, I wish I could joke like you, Alex!"- Kate says to Alex-san (2-1 class)
  • "I do not have anything to do with!"- Kate says to Gosha-san (2-1 class)
  • "And I see, you're expecting trouble. Yeah?"- Kate hisses to Meisa ITO (1-2 class)
  • "You are a losers! And we are honors! The rest of the classes are nothing!"- Kate whispers Alex-san about class 1-2.
  • "Try my claws before, so then get to Stephanie!"- Kate hisses to Meisa ITO (1-2)
  • "Someone hung my coat on a hanger of a 3-2 class!"- Kate complains to Alex-san.
  • "I'm the best singer of the school! No, of the city! No, of the country! NO! OF THE WHOLE WORLD!
  • "Ye-ye-ye! I have a school! I have a classmates and a friends, it is so cool! I don't wanna sleep!I want to hang out with my friends, it is so cool!"- Kate's song.
  • "ONSEI-san. Let's repeat the top "Yeah", okay?"- Kate at the sing club.
  • "Can I, please, sing at the concert? Pleeease!"- Kate says to her teacher.
  • "We are classmates, but this doesn't mean we have to spend time together..."- Kate says to Gosha-san.
  • "I don't think you belong to our social circle!"- Kate hisses to Gosha.
  • "Alex is so cool!"- Kate says to Gosha.
  • "You're an idiot, that's what you are!"- Kate hisses to Tanya-san.

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