Description Edit

Steph- the founder of group. She has got a pelt with sand color, green eyes, and long tail. Also she has got a brown hair with dreadlocks. She has got an one white paw.

Personality Edit

She's very funny an she likes to laugh. Member of a dance club. Her friends play with her little tricks to make her more serious. She doesn't like to sitting still, only she wants is moving. She's always dancing and 10 years ago (she was only 5), she danced on the stage for the first time. She hadn't stopped dancing, and then she got a talent- Eternaly Move

Steph's quotes Edit

  • "Interested? It will be even more interesting!"- Steph says to interested Tanya.
  • "You're such a coward! I see, your tail tucked!"- Steph hisses to Dasha. (class 3-1)
  • "I'm in charge here!"- Steph presents class 2-1.
  • "Oh, c'mon, Alex! Stop hissing! I see, you're happy anyway!"- Steph says to hissing Alex.
  • "I JUST COULD NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!"- Alex hisses, when hears, that someone gonna pick up her love.
  • "I'm a TOOTH FAIRY!"- Steph appeares in class wearing Holyween costume.
  • "I need to sharpen claws in somewhere"- Stephanie's trying to prepare the fight with Meisa ITO (1-2 class), who wanted to pick up Stephanie's love.
  • "Oh look! SAIJITSU-san! Anyway, Hi!"- Kate (class 2-1) meets Stephanie in class.
  • "That're rediculous, Stephanie!"- Teacher resents.
  • "SAIJITSU-san! Your homework had not done! Where is it?"- Teacher resents (2)
  • "My cute little Dreadlocks! You danced very well!"- Mom adores Stephanie. (In that time- Dreadlocks)
  • "I don't care what Senpai is doing.."- Stephanie became Kuudere.
  • "Get away from mine, ITO-san!"- Stephanie became Yandere.

Appearence Edit

Sakura san